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Portfolio: Web sites

Below are some examples of Web design, back-end programming, and/or ecommerce implementation we have done.

ThunderBolt International (www.tbi-usa.com)

This retail Web site for ThunderBolt International, a maker and retailer of thunderstorm safety equipment for industrial and commercial applications, involves a combination of requirements: product information, education, distributor information, and sales. Implementation of this site involved creation of an ecommerce back-end, custom JavaScript programming, product photography, image retouching, and creation of PDF files for technical and marketing materials.

Fine Tuned Mac (www.finetunedmac.com)

Fine Tuned Mac is a technical troubleshooting forum for Macintosh users. Creation of this site involved installation and theming of forum software capable of scaling to a large user base, logo and theme design, template implementation, and ongoing administration, database maintenance, security, and software updates. The database currently features tens of thousands of posts distributed across fourteen forums.

Creative Fields Publishing (www.cfieldspub.com)

The Creative Fields Publishing project involved implementation of a design created by another designer, and back-end integration of the design with an ecommerce system. The site is home to artist Charles Hessemer, and is used to sell fine-art poster prints, giclée reproductions, and original commissions.

PromiscuityKeepers (www.promiscuitykeepers.com)

This Web site is a not-for-profit sexuality education site built around a WordPress install. The site features custom WordPress skinning, integration with Twitter, an RSS feed which users can subscribe to by email, and a custom contact form with anti-spam features.

Applegate Farms (www.applegatefarms.us)

Applegate Farms is a small farm in rural Oregon with a tiny budget. This site was implemented at very low cost using WordPress with a simple custom theme. Photography for the site was also provided by Obsidian Fields.